Most recent residential property transfers and also structure licenses

Latest property transfers and building permits

Building transfers

Deborah F. Peters to Daniel Carroll and also Sarah Baumgardner. Great deal 16, area 2, Lamont Acres, $197,175

Andrew J. and also Rachel H. Roberts to Donald L. and also Jeanine D. Belsterling. Great deal 49, area 3, Homewood Estates, $523,500

Obtaining Land LLC to Mark T. Bobsin. Great deal 6, Powell System, $39,250

Nicholas Bowen to Conner J. and also Natalie D. Cornwell. Great deal 1, area 1, Running Cedar, $281,000

Michael J. Cunningham to Robert L. Tinsley. 268 North Coolwell Roadway, $72,000

Satya and also Purnima Narayan to Landon Lee Kekoa and also Gabrielle E. Fielder. 2 parcels, Ragland Roadway, $179,900

Lewis W. Harker to Molly Marie Frank. Great deal 12, Lakeview Neighborhood, $188,000

Individuals are likewise reviewing…

Melvin Thomas to Arianna D. and also Joshua Burton. 8015 Oakville Roadway, $310,000

Jeremy Lucas and also Breanna N. Vinson to Scott D. and also Kristen B. Garnett. Whole Lot 5A, Hill Cut Roadway, $280,000

Jamerson Realty Inc. to Koda Building LLC. Great deal 19, North Method Neighborhood, $25,000

Phillip C. and also Terry H. Jamerson to Lisa K. and also Jack V. Ramsey Jr. Parcel, 33.28 acres, Pumping Terminal Roadway, $165,000

John Randolph Dixon and also Diana Dixon O’Connell to Corey Caron. Great deals 53-57, Or-Lea Hills Neighborhood, $45,000

Gloria J. and also Jack McDaniels Jr. to Stephen and also Emily Ann Kloter. Great deal 11, Pleased Acres Neighborhood, $645,000

TCI Utilities Providers Inc. to Roland W. and also Veronica L. Brunson. Great deal 6 and also 7, area 1, Colonial Levels, $271,000

Diane D. Merritt Updike to David Eugene and also Cathy Ann Honaker. 4033 Smith Hill Lake Parkway and also adjacent parcel, $200,000

Jamie Overstreet and also Kaleb Johnson to Shannon L. Simmons. 9879 Dickerson Mill Roadway, $40,000

Johnnie Ray Dempsey to Jason Lee and also Meagan Martin. Great deal 5, block 2, Hillandale Building, $251,000

Sarah F. Glannon to Jerrilynn Kay Cost. 1487 Helmsdale Drive, $385,900

Mark Fitchett to Wesley M. and also Rhonda K. Dellinger. Great deal 32, area 2, Town East, $10,000

Jedi Building LLC to Signe Dee Steele and also Jacquelyn M. Larue. 3001 Bells Mill Roadway, $329,900

Signe Steele to Shawn Belden Hayes and also Heather Bianca Hayes Hatter. System 201, stage II, Shore Estate, $215,000

R. Thomas Coastline to John Leonidas Tidball VI and also Havana K. Tidball. 2163 McGhee St., $160,000

Mohamad Bazazan to Cutlass Roadway Moneta LLC. Great deal 14, area 3, Pirates Cove, $310,000

Joanne K. Lineberry, William Granville Trick, David Owen Trick, Jonathan W. Trick, Laurie Patterson and also Brenda Underbrush to April Woods. 1109 Granville Lane, $182,500

Jeremy M. and also Kasharah C. Garrett to James M. and also Victoria K. Marcouillier. Great deal 15, area 7, Farmington at Woodland, $650,000

Dennis Marlow to Matthew R. Hemenez and also Josefina Hemenez. System 6, Vacation Farms, $16,500

Anthony R. and also Jennifer M. Arrigo to Dana H. Tuck. Great deal 33, area II, Governors Hillside, $237,900

Evelyn Virginia Tolley to Durward Thomas and also Enza Steele. 717 Industrial Ave., $75,000

Logan J. Cunningham and also John K. Cunningham to Demitrius S. Pedraza, Danielle Levitt and also Robin Harwell. Great deal 18, area 2, Yukon Neighborhood, $315,000

Jack Spencer Blankenship and also Bonnie Anne Blankenship to Charles Anderson. 1449 Belmont Drive and also extra parcel, $259,000

People Financial Institution & Depend On Business to Hess and also Allen Characteristic LLC. 2 parcels off of Albert’s Method, $330,000

Sundance Layout & Build LLC to Daniel P. and also Angelia Yerrington. Great deals 1 and also 2, area 2, Farmington at Woodland, $760,000

Brian and also Tracey M. Anderson to Joseph J. and also Constance M. Dalessio. Great deal 10, stage I, Sailor’s Run, $320,000

Hudson Builders Inc. to Jennifer Leigh Cooper. Great deal 25, Bradford Crossing, $609,900

Brenton W. Fortenberry to Cynthia W. Reynolds. Great deal 39, area 2, Ashwood Townhomes, $220,000

Frank C. Crist Jr. to Jennifer Ann and also Melvin Hinton Jr. New great deal 49, Lake Woodland, $600,000

Carolyn M. Creasy to Heather Meadows. 1060 Ferret Drive, $60,000

Douglas Wayne Davis Jr. and also Rachel Saunders David to Matthew J. and also Melissa S. Dean. Great deal 23, Candle Holder Park, $515,000

Dana H. Put to Patricia W. Clary. 1102 Double Springs Court, $170,000

Blue Ridge Builders of Virginia LLC to Veronica Aguirre. 11365 Leeville Roadway, $317,000

Deanne Might Ayers to Kathryn P. Salvigsen. Great deal 12, Edgemont Neighborhood, $229,000

H&S Holdings Characteristics LLC to Ronald Eugene Coleman Jr. and also Brenda Fitch Coleman. 760 Collins Ferryboat Roadway, $319,900

Jason K. Lovern to Darek J. Powell, David L. Powell and also Krista K. Powell. Great deal 1, block 2, Briar-Cliff, $167,000

Wanda L. Bowles to Everett J. Sparrow. 2709 Community Fork Roadway, $150,000

Michael Schwed and also Valentina Schwed to David Senior Citizen. Parcel, off Wickliffe Roadway, $88,490

Sandra D. Owens to Christopher Luke and also Heather Nicole Perdieu. Great deals 4-7, Lynch’s Terminal, $227,000

Chase C. Armstrong, Jerry T. Armstrong and also Jennifer L. Armstrong to Mad Shacks LLC. 34 Cape Charles Square, $179,000

Patricia A. Dalton to Emily K. and also Cole V. Laing. 253 Winebarger Circle, $161,000

Nat Howard Reasor Jr. and also Maureen D. Reasor to David R. and also Tonya R. Gearhart. Great deal 129, North Quadrant, $365,000

Anne J. Lombardi to Regan W. and also Gerald A. Sayres. Great deal 13, Emberly Method Neighborhood, $384,900

Denkaye 2 LLC to Stephen Acree, trustee. 1010, 1018 and also 1019 Knight St. and also 1914 Giles St., $400,002

Audrey Louise Davis Alexander to Vernon T. Davis. 911 Tolleys Lane, $75,000

Edwin F. Baldwin to Conner Evans and also Miranda Anderson-Kenney. 4909 Sycamore Area, $180,000

Tiffany Marie Rice and also Christopher Todd Cordle to Mary M. Arnstrong and also Christopher M. Armstrong. 632 Thomas Roadway, $165,000

Premier Investments Team LLC to Mary M. and also Christopher M. Armstrong. 2133 Broadway St., $185,000

Janice Joyner Fleming to Nancy N. Ashworth. Great deal 2, area 1, Bennington High-end Townhouse Town, $369,900

Thomas J. Carr to Ethan T. Baker. 100 Riverview Ave., $4,300

Edwin F. Baldwin to JTS Holdings LLC and also Sarah R. Thomas. 4907 Sycamore Area, $180,000

Beasley Disposal & Recycle Equipments LLC. To Cavity Virginia Holdings LLC. Great deal 29, Tyree’s Enhancement, $200,000

Blue Willow Financial investment s LLC to Changed Characteristic LLC. 211 Blue Ridge St., $189,900

Buscher Enterprises LLC to Bootstrap Characteristic LLC. 1109 Knight St., $62,500

CMD Investors LLC to Bootstrap Characteristic LLC. 702 Dinwiddie St., $145,000

Mark N. and also Brownish-yellow S. Haskew to Regan and also Sarah Brooks. 1309 Cherokee Ave., $197,000

Jane M. Rigney-Trent to Ansley G. Brown III and also Jennifer L. Brown. 409 Trent’s Ferryboat Roadway, $532,500

Jason C. Hamburger and also Gail A. Hamilton to Nicholas J. Lonce and also Mayden E. McDaniel. 1315 Ft Estate Drive, $200,000

Tanner J. and also Rebecca B. Burns to Virginia Episcopal College. Great deal 1, area 1, Chipokim, $424,000

Sara J. Peterson to Levi A. Bushnell. Great deal 154, Stuart Levels, $155,000

Piedmont Neighborhood Health Insurance Plan Inc. to Centra Health And Wellness Inc. Great deals 17-19, area 3, Tate Springs Ranch, $1,400,000

DBI Resources Team LLC to NVR Inc. Whole Lots 21A and also 21B, area 2, The Townes at Cicada Thicket Neighborhood, $77,500

Michael D. and also Whitney L. Palombo to Lance Edward and also Catherine Jean Darragh. Great deal 8, block 1, Oaklawn Enhancement, $324,900

Michael L. Dillard to Woodland Sights LLC. 1131 Hendricks Ave., 204 McIvor St. and also 817 Taylor St., $211,500

James R. Downs and also Amy E. Downs to PJVA Characteristics LLC. Great deal 4, modified stage 1, Aaron Commons Townhomes, $186,000

Wauneta E. Montague and also Shad A. Montague to Emily and also Donnie Flournoy II. Great deals 21 and also 22, block 14, Golf Park, $180,250

Walter G. Mason II to Timothy and also Sarah Gosnell. Great deal 4, area 6, Irvington Park, $420,000

Larry P. Haag and also Evelyn S. Haag to Nathan S. Schweikart. 1808 and also 1810 Shore Drive, $250,000

Sandra A. and also James G. Wilen Jr. to Ryan Hayes. 106 Phillips Circle, $197,700

JRF Rentals LLC to Truhunt Financial Investment Characteristics LLC. Great deal 65, area 1, Countryplace Townhomes, $84,500

Jean Resources LLC to Jennifer and also Jeremy Shane Williams. 1416 Buchanan St., $137,750

Marvetta Morgan Jones to Tinsley’s Characteristics Inc. 2106 Craig St., $52,000

Marc Weldon Woodell to Mario Ley. 4905 Carver St., $229,000

James D. Wagner to Lindonn Associates LLC. 1115 Tolley’s Lane, $25,000

James D. and also Diane L. Looney to DRV Building LLC. Great deals 36 and also 37 and also fifty percent of great deal 35, area B, Perkins Park, $83,000

Frank T. and also Danielle Viall to Sean Tyler and also Emily Nicole Silby Thomas. Great deal 6, obstruct 8, Radcliffe, $147,000

Corey H. White and also Shannon T. White to Michael Stansbury and also David Thomas Stanbury Jr. Great deal 42, area 7, New Towne, $299,900

Randy Lee Willis and also Wendy Parsons Willis to Kemp Leon and also Michelle Dyan Teague. New Great deal Q6, block Q, Foundation, $350,000

Structure allows

Campbell Region City of Lynchburg, 15104 Wards Roadway, airport terminal garage, $4,100,000

SSS Storage Space LLC, 4430 Waterlick Roadway, indicator, $75,000

Foster Building and construction Inc., great deal 16, Bridge Tree Court, brand-new residence, $475,000

George Wynn Jr., 95 Granite Lane, generator, $11,823

Robert Watson Sr., 580 Rhonda Roadway, enhancement, $15,000

India Stump, great deal 16, Wheeler Roadway, brand-new residence, $487,800

Watts Brothers LLC, great deal 4, Hawkins, brand-new residence, $325,000

Kyle Garnett, 1376 Timberlake Drive, brand-new residence, $300,000

MWB Characteristics LLC, 332 Jefferson Estate Drive, changes, $14,000

Camden Town LLC, Leesville Roadway, brand-new 54 system residence, $3,000,000

Camden Town LLC, Leesville Roadway, brand-new 54 system residence, $3,000,000

Winlove Characteristics LLC, great deal 54, Heather Drive, brand-new residence, $315,000

MMCS Characteristics LLC, 4024 Wards Roadway, post barn, $100,000

David Spradlin, 3323 Mt. Airy Roadway, brand-new residence, $498,862

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